Running with the Time at UISI Internasional Day

Vlog Viral Day Competition


Why it is called Running with the Time. Because in this Vlog on the Spot Competition the time of making the Vlog Competition start from a half past ten until a half past eleven for taking shoot only an hour. So we were run by the deadline. This competition consist of 1 team 2 persons, they are Saladin Abdul XI grade and Kharisma Idayanti X grade in Multimedia Major. Finally we passed it by interviewing the chairman of UISI international relationship and the chairman of the event. Then continued by editing on Laptop only left in one and a half hour before the submitted. Not only that procedure but also we had to upload on Instagram with lack of signal on our provider finally we made this. And after the talkshow from HAN YOORA famous youtuber. The committee announced that we were the 2nd winner on National Vlog Competition Alhamdulillah we brought the achievement from SMK Muda Sby for SMK Muda Sby. There was a will there was a result.

Held in 16th November 2019 by UISI (Universitas International Semen Indonesia) Gresik. This competition was the second year of annual competition which was titled UISI Internasional Day. It had a main puprose that Millenial can go through the world. That’s why English is the main pointment of this competition such as English Speech Competition, Bussiness plan competition and many more. Especially National Vlog and Photo Contest on the spot competition for senior and vocational high school student. We hope that TEC is not more than just English. We can not only compete out of the field in English but also in still line of Vocational High School student skill Multimedia and we can mix the way of vlogging by using English Language. M.Il.


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