The English Club SMK Muda SBY

Elcomfest 2019
Through a short English film 10-minute entitled MOURALITY. TEC won 2nd Place in the GENERAL Open Java Category, through the 2019 ELCOMFEST event. The annual English Competition Festival was held by the Sanata Dharma University Yogyakarta – English Literature.


For this year ELCOMFEST 2019, which carried the theme of the Millennium Generation that fits in accordance with the theme raised in this short film TEC. It tells about the persistence of a child with disabilities in order to achieve their ideals of becoming a Graphic Design. In the beginning his talent was opposed by his father. But he never gave up in order to prove that he could do more than ordinary people in general above the limitations he has.  The coach and members of the TEC remain consistent and wish that in the current millennial era, we must be out of the box. Making short films that are different and rarely made by filmmakers in common, by making short films in English both in conversation dialogue and textual. Insyallah not only following short film competitions but also film festivals in the next moment. We are willing to be able to introduce to the general public with English short films, The English Club SMK Muhammadiyah 2 Surabaya. “Because SMK WE CAN and is ready for Revolution Industry 4.0”. (Lys)

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