Bon a ‘petite the achievement term inscribed by The English Club won First Place as WINNER through their short film titled The Dining Table a.k.a. Meja Makan. The event held by SMAN 2 Nganjuk is an annual competition titled SMADA MOVE ON (Movie Competition) as an Open Residence in Kediri. This event includes various competitions such as Band Competition, Dance and many others, which are held every extracurricular at SMAN 2 Nganjuk school to welcome the anniversaryof SMAN 2 Nganjuk.

In this competition, TEC SMK Muda Surabaya released two short films. The first team with a short film titled MOURALITY presented by Herdiana Febrianti, Galih Idam and Rusdian Akbar. Whereas the second short film which also came out as first place WINNER was a team consisting of M. Faiz, M. Bintang Firmansyah and Bagus Sunarno. They proved and convinced the jury that TKJ major, they can make through short films not inferior to the Multimedia majors and others like.

This short film competition with the theme of Dream High, and participated in 13 short films from KEDIRI including two of SMK MUHAMMADIYAH 2 Surabaya. We are proud even though we are from out of town far away. We can show the works of filmmakers from Surabaya especially from VOCATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL, because SMK We Can !(lys).

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