2nd Runner Up for T.E.C. from U.G.M.

2nd Runner Up for T.E.C. from U.G.M.

Jogjakarta In National English Video Competition


7th Desember 2019, The end of closing year. Herdiana Febrianti and her couch came to Jogja early in the morning by bus to compete 2nd Annual of National English Video Competition in U.G.M. (Universitas Gadjah Mada) called EVICTION. In this competition TEC SMK MUDA submitted in the form of English Video Public Advertisement. Total of The contestant videos are 10 from the best. There we had to present our video one by one using English. Eventhough from our school was represented by a person only, Herdiana Febrianti we still encouraged and had spirit to do the best for SMK Muhammadiyah 2 Surabaya. Eventhough our video was used by dubbing or V.O., there are Three judges who interested and amazed of our video and Herdiana’s presentation. And one of the judges who came from the art director of Film ‘TENGKORAK’ said that he had liked about the editing, visualized, backsound, audio and the concept had been as SIMPLE as the title itself. In the end of the announcement we shocked and didn’t realize that we were 2nd runner up of EVICTION. That was amazed for us. Because this was the first time se made Video Public Adverstisement (ILM) in English and moreover this competition held by UGM one of the Prestigious State University in Indonesia. We hope next we consistent and encourage to make other videos likes English Vlog, Video Public Advertisement even Short Film. Thanks for those who are always supported us and involved. Especially our beloved Headmistress Mrs. M. Mas’ulah ST., MM.


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